5 Ways to Find Affordable Packing Supplies For Your Art Equipment

Photogapher photo from Pixabay

By Aimee Lyons

Photo via Pixabay

You’ve been collecting art supplies for years, but you never dreamed you’d have to moveall of your equipment at one time. Where should you begin? You have dozens of pieces of artwork, supplies, and hefty machines that won’t be easy to transfer. It doesn’t help that you don’t have enough packing supplies to get started.

Finding ample, and affordable, packing supplies is a struggle every artist has faced during a big move. To make matters worse, it can be challenging to estimate how many boxes
and other supplies you’ll need to keep your belongings safe during the move itself. Here are five ways to find cheap or free options for your artwork:

1. Call Local Studios or Stores
When an art studio moves, packing supplies are usually recycled or thrown away. Try contacting local art shops to see what supplies are available, or if any can be held for your use. It’s best to call at least two weeks before your moving date. This will give any stores that offer supplies enough time to collect, unpack, and prepare.

If you haven’t had luck with art studios, consider getting in touch with department stores like Home Depot, Kroger, or Walmart. While some stores have policies against providing local families with boxes for moving, others are more than willing to provide free boxes, packing paper, and bubble wrap under the table. Since these stores receive shipments on a regular basis, you aren’t asking for anything that isn’t already in stock. You should still give department stores at least one week of notice before your moving date.

2. Visit Recycling Centers
It isn’t a secret that recycling centers have cardboard boxes and newspaper to spare. Give your local center a call to see if it partners with residents who are planning a big move. If so, you’ll most likely be allowed to come on the next recycling day to pick up supplies.

If your recycling center is unable to provide packing equipment, check listings on Craigslist or Facebook. Both websites offer space for families or businesses who have recently moved to sell or give away their packing supplies. You can find hundreds of boxes and piles of newspaper using this method.

3. Save Up
If you know you plan on moving your art studio several months ahead of time, start saving up supplies as soon as possible. Every time you buy a new item, save the wrapping. You can gather several hundred boxes, styrofoam, bubble wrap, and packing paper this way.

You should also plan on saving your supplies after the move. This way, if you ever move again, you already have packing necessities available for your use. You can even use the same boxes for the same pieces of equipment, assuming you use clear labels on each box.

4. Speak with Friends or Family
Maybe someone you know has recently moved. Call your friends and extended family to see if they have available packing supplies from a project or move of their own. It helps that most of the men and women that know you personally will be more than happy to give away supplies for free. Remember to ask if the supplies should be returned after your move.

5. Make Flyers
If all else fails, consider making flyers and placing them around your community. Offer to pick up any supplies left on doorsteps on a certain date. This is usually easiest to accomplish when flyers are placed in tightly-knit neighborhoods or subdivisions, making it simple to remember where you placed flyers.

Still struggling to find boxes? Apartment Therapy offers eight hotspots that you might find useful.

You can read more about moving your art studio from Steven Belledin. These five methods should help you get the affordable packing supplies you need to move your studio safely. Keep in mind - it never hurts to try them all!