Community Art Machine: Improving Communities with Art and Hard Work

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Community Art Machine’s mission is to improve communities with art and hard work. It currently has two programs underway: Machine Community Art Studio and the C.U.T.S Crew.

The Community Art Studio’s primary goal is to invite the public to create, showcase, and enjoy art. In addition it hosts various free art-related events including movie screenings, art contests and workshops.

C.U.T.S Crew (Cleaning up the Streets) specializes in murals and neighborhood cleanups in underserved areas. All of the Crew’s projects are open to the public to participate on a volunteer basis to help get the projects done and learn how these murals are created. What's more, the crew tries to help guide young people away from vandalism by being good, honest, hard working role models among the art community.

Mike Machine Creative Director
Studio 323-644-8200/Mobile 323-533-4142,
387 W 6th Street, Downtown