Transpac Start Los Angles Yacht Club Wednesday Luncheon July 10

There will be a special Wednesday luncheon of the Los Angeles Yacht Club on Wednesday, July 10. The luncheon will be held at Pt. Fermin Lighthouse to watch the start of the first group of the trans-Pacific yacht race.
By tradition, the Wednesday luncheons are open to the public and generally feature a speaker on a nautical topic.

Pt. Fermin Lighthouse, 807 W. Paseo del Mar, Peninsula

310-831-1203, Open to the public. $15 benefits the Lighthouse. Advance reservations required.

Hilarious Comedy THE NERD opens July 3 at Little Fish Theatre

Hilarious Comedy THE NERD opens July 3 at Little Fish Theatre Event
Wed, 07/03/2019 through Sun, 07/28/2019
8 p.m.
A side-splitting comedy about the outrageous lengths man one man goes through to rid himself of an unwelcome houseguest.
Little Fish Theatre: 777 S. Centre Street, Downtown

Get Out and Have Some Fun—On the Water!

Want to Learn to Sail?
No boat, no problem! No experience, no problem!

Los Angeles Yacht Club is an official American Sailing Association sailing school. And that means it meets rigorous standards that are internationally recognized Bring along your desire to become a good sailor.

And the reasonably-priced lessons are for all skill levels. So if you’re starting out, you’re covered. And if you’ve got some experience, you can become an expert. The courses cover sailing technique, boat handling, and safety.

Learn About the Mysterious and Interesting Story of the Schooner and the Confederates

California Confederates: The Curious Tale of the Schooner J.M. Chapman and the Knights of the Golden Circle
Saturday, June 22
10 a.m.
Part of the Keeping History Alive series with the story of 1863 secessionists’ conspiracy to outfit a schooner as a privateer to steal Union gold and silver shipments.

The Banning Museum Stagecoach Barn
401 E. M Street, Wilmington