About Visit San Pedro

Visit San Pedro is the regional visitor, meeting, and event information and services division of SoCal ETC, Southern California's education, tourism, and cultural organization.

Visit San Pedro focuses on serving the San Pedro, Harbor and Peninsula communities, and Catalina Island region to create a positive environment for tourists, cruise passengers, meetings, and residents.

We present San Pedro to the world and works to bring the world to San Pedro.

We offer a variety of services to visitors, meeting planners, and others.

We are the tourism marketing organization for the region.

And we are the information and services division of the region's Cultural Tourism organization, producing programs and activities to meet the fastest growing and largest segment of leisure travel.

Visit San Pedro actively conducts outreach that exposes our partners and sponsors to a worldwide audience.

We bring visitors, meetings, and events to the area.

We conduct our work through a variety of channels including publications, advertising, social media, public relations, and other means.

Our publications include: Annual and Special Events Directory | Best Restaurants Guide | Biweekly Calendar of Events | Downtown and Waterfront Map | Family Fun Guide | Golf Guide | Holiday Dining Guide | Newcomers’ Guide | Problems and Resources Guide | Sailors’ Guide | San Pedro & Peninsula Visitor monthly magazine | The Directory | Travel Agent Guide | Visitor Guide | Wedding Guide

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We provide the most comprehensive calendar of events of interest to visitors, both in printed form and on our website.

We are also active on Twitter (@SanPedroCVB) and have multiple pages on Facebook (see the Visit San Pedro Facebook page by clicking here) with information and news targeting our key audiences.

Visit San Pedro's operations are supported in full by the investment of the local community. Businesses, non-profit organizations, and individuals are all sponsors and partners of Visit San Pedro, supporting its work.

You can find sponsorship information by clicking here*

*Partnership and Sponsorship is highly selective, subject to approval, contingent on certain standards of service and professionalism.

We provide tourism and cultural outreach for our sponsors and the community. And if you have a business in the region, you should be a partner or sponsor.

  • We have the most active social media program in support of our sponsors and tourism in the area
  • We are the only organization that actively works to develop relationships with the cruise lines serving the Port of Los Angeles.
  • We actively recruit meetings and events to the area
  • We give wide publicity in all of our publications to sponsors
  • We provide a professional web presence for your on San Pedro Tourist.net
  • We refer visitors exclusively to our sponsors when they come into the San Pedro Visitor Center
  • We publish the only local monthly magazine for visitors
  • We bring visitors to your door

Affiliation with Visit San Pedro/SoCal ETC is highly selective. Many partnership and sponsorship categories are limited in the number of affiliates allowed or by the area in which they operate. This ensures our affiliates are best in class.

Most affiliations are initiated by Visit San Pedro. You are invited to call us today at 310-729-9828 for a no-obligation consultation about whether your organization qualifies and how we can help your business more effectively reach visitors and support cultural tourism. 

Contributions* are also welcome.

*Please note that contributions to Visit San Pedro's parent organization, the Southern California Education, Tourism, & Cultural Organization are tax-deductible as charitable donations. Sponsorships and Partnerships are tax-deductible to the extent they exceed the value of listed services provided. Sponsorships and Partnerships may, however, be deducted as ordinary business expenses. As with any tax matter, please consult a trusted expert for advice.

Visit San Pedro is a part of The Southern California Education, Tourism, and Cultural Organization

Scott F. Gray, Ed.D., is president of Visit San Pedro

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