Charles Bukowski in San Pedro

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The noted poet and novelist Charles Bukowski lived in San Pedro from 1978 until his death in 1994, producing some of his best writing. There are rumors that he must have certainly frequented the bars around town. (Some, in particular, claim that he must have been a regular at those along Pacific Avenue.) Although he had a reputation as a lifelong drinker, there’s no reliable evidence that he continued that lifestyle once he moved to San Pedro. In fact, his wife, Linda, owned a health food restaurant and Mr. Bukowski credited her with adding 10 years to his life by her regimen of healthy menus. That’s not to say he became a teetotaler; he just changed is preferences from hard liquor, apparently, to wine and beer, which he drank at home, Mrs. Bukowski said. The late poet is buried in Green Hills Cemetery, just across the city limits from San Pedro in Rancho Palos Verdes, plot number 875 in the Ocean View Section. Click here to contact us