The Corner Store Celebrates Its 70th Anniversary

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The Corner Store interior

San Pedro's beloved The Corner Store is celebrating its 70th anniversary

And now's a great time to visit. You'll find wonderful sandwiches, outstanding packaged food, toys, and so much more. It's everything you'd want your corner store to be.

From the owners
We are so happy that Our Corner Storeis turning 70 years old tomorrow! Who would have thought it could be possible? A little store in a quiet neighborhood at lands end survives 70 years and 8 owners. We are proud to be carrying the torch for the last 12 yrs and we are thankful for all of our neighbors and friends who keep it going. We have so many to thank for their contributions over the years. All of the artists and musicians who have shared their talents with all of our patrons and our " specialty vendors"who have kept us a cut above the rest. Thank you!
If anyone can reach Kay Tanner and Josephine Primavera please ask them to call me.
Again, HAPPY 70th BIRTHDAY CORNER STORE. We love you!
Peggy and Bruce

The Corner Store
1118 W. 37th Street, Peninsula