Dramatique's Is "Anything but Ordinary!"

Dramatique Anything But Ordinary! at 319 W. 6th Street Downtown
Dramatique's motto is "Anything but Ordinary!" And it's certainly true. This distinctive shop has an ensemble of clothing and accessories for all ages to include special  occasions, vintage, costumes, theatrical, and fun dressing all year round. Dramatique has everything a girl wants, to include jewelry, shoes, purses, lingerie, hats, leather and lace. Its specialty is dresses but it has a little of a lot of great items on offer. Its 20s Collection includes dresses, jewelry, cigarette holders, boas, parasols, hand made headbands, and hats. Everything you need to be flapper happy at great prices. And Dramatique offers buying services for retail stores nationwide. ​Vintage, new and off price . Clothing and accessories at retail and wholesale prices. Each item unique, ​hand-selected and priced for quick turnover. Plus it offers fashion essentials to the public and to resellers at its San Pedro location.  Dresses, coordinates, career wear, formals, cocktail, accessories. shoes, and more. Anything but ordinary! Dramatique 319 W. 6th Street, Downtown 310-519-7400, http://www.1dramatique.com/index.html Click here to contact us