Family-Oriented Buccaneer Yacht Club Goes for Fun

The modern fleet of buccaneers headquartered in San Pedro's Holiday Harbor Marina cultivates, fosters, and promotes Corinthian Yachting while seeking adventure as well as the wealth of pleasure and relaxation the sea has to offer.

Buccaneer Yacht Club offers cruising, racing, camaraderie, and boating skills.

Its calendar of events includes organized cruises to Catalina and other destinations throughout the year. And members are among people with years of experience on the water and feel at ease around the friendly and supportive members.

The Buccaneer Yacht Club also hosts exciting racing events each month. Regular member are eligible to race under the Buccaneer burgee in other yacht clubs' races.

They like to say you'll enjoy the camaraderie and good times as only a true buccaneer can.

And the members meet monthly for their meeting and social event at the clubhouse and to enjoy the Holiday Harbor Terrace with a BBQ and potluck.

The Buccaneer Yacht Club has built life-long relationships. Give them a call. You might fit in well--even if you're not a buccaneer yet.

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Buccaneer Yacht Club
241 Watchorn Walk
Berth 34
Holiday Harbor Marina
San Pedro Waterfront