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Is berth 92 right for 30.Sept. 2016?
A friend from LA wants to meet me.
Are there coffee shoos etc at berth 92?
Thanks for your answer in advance!
Kind regards

Hi Ursula, Thanks for your question. Yes, Costa Lumniosa is scheduled to be at Berth 92. That is the berth parallel to the Main Channel. There are no coffee shops or other amenities at the World Cruise Terminal. Catalina Bistro is just across from the World Cruise Terminal under the Vincent Thomas Bridge and it offers both regular and express service, including coffee and pastries. It's a wonderful place to sit and watch the harbor. The address is Catalina Air and Sea Terminal, Berth 95. (You would walk around the World Cruise Terminal toward the bridge, turn right along the Cruise Ship Promenade, and walk straight to the Air and Sea Terminal). If you're able to get away from the cruise terminal, we have many wonderful restaurants. Check the link at for our Best Dining Guide. And for coffee and outstanding pastries, we recommend Sirens Java and Tea at 356 W. 7th Street, Downtown. To get there from the World Cruise Terminal if you are walking, exit the parking lot area and turn left (southbound) along the Waterfront Promenade and follow the walkway until you reach 6th Street. Cross Harbor Blvd. at 6th Street and proceed straight to Centre Street (second street). Turn left at Centre, turn right at 7th Street and Siren's is half a block on the right. If you have any questions that we can help with while you are in town, stop by the Visitor Center at 225 W. 6th Street or call us at 310-729-9828.

What's the best for harbor cruises?

Without question, the best harbor cruises are with Spirit Cruises.

We heard there's a pub with geat fish and chips in San Pedro?

That would be the Whale & Ale at 327 W. 7th Street in Downtown. It's award-winning for its fish and ships.

Is there whale watching around San Pedro? Who do we contact?

Yes, there's great whale watching through the middle of April. You'll want to go on a whale watching cruise with Cabrillo Marine Aquarium.They have trained naturalists on board. You can get more information at

Is downtown san pedro safe for visitors?

Yes, Downtown San Pedro is safe. We are served by the Los Angeles Police Department and by the Port of Los Angeles Polic Department. In addition, the Downtown Business Improvement District provides security officers who patrol downtown and assist visitors. (Of course, you should take prudent safety procedures whenever you travel or are at home.)

Does your organization accept volunteers to help with visitor information?

Yes, we are mainly a volunteer organization and there are many opportunities for volunteers from working in the visitor center or in downtown or the waterfront or at special events to administrative and marketing activities. Drop by the visitor center, 225 W. 6th Street, Downtown, and we'll be glad to find how your interests and skills might fit with our organization.

I am interested in advertising in some of your publications. What is the email address to use?

Contact our marketing department at and put "advertising" in the subject line. Thanks for your interest

Are there any bed and breakfast places in San Pedro?

Sorry, no. But the Best Western Plus San Pedro Hotel & Suites is a boutique property that serves a nice breakfast. And the rates are very reasonable. Take a look at accommodations available in the area at

I saw online about a marine park named Marineland of the Pacific in Rancho Palos Verdes, but I can't find where it is. Can you help?

Marineland no longer exists. But Terranea is on the former site of the aquatic park. And the Pt. Vicente Interpretive Center nearby has a display about its history. It is located on Palos Verdes Drive South.

I called a hotel in San Pedro about arriving there and the person I spoke with said to drive south on THE one-ten. My understanding is that this is a freeway? But why is it THE one-ten? What does that mean?

That's a great question because many people are probably curious about it.

In Southern California, many of us tend to say "the" when we refer to a freeway route number. It's just a kind of local tradition and has nothing to do with the official route number. The origin of this local quirk is, apparently, that the earliest freeways in Southern California were known by their names (the 110 is named the "Harbor Freeway") and because they started out being known by names, rather than their numbers, it was natural for people to add "the" when referring to them. We don't know if that's an accurate reason for this local way of referring to them, but it's as good an explanation as any.

How far is it between San Pedro and Terranea Resort? It's a little unclear from the maps because of the way the road curves.

Thanks for your question. It's approximately six miles between Gaffey Street and the front of Terranea Resort. (The road along the coast does curve around, but it's a beautiful ride!) Please note that a section of Paseo del Mar is closed (and traffic can't pass) near White Point because of a landslide. So 25th Street is the most convenient route to reach Cabrillo Beach and the Downtown area.

Doo you have visitor maps available and can you send them to us?

Yes! We have a Waterfront map, a Los Angeles area tourism map, Downtown San Pedro map, and San Pedro area street map. Just let us know which you would like to have and send your mailing address to

Will be visiting this summer and we can't wait. We found you on Twitter (@sanpedrocvb)

Found you through the Visit San Pedro California Facebook page. Thank you for such useful information. Can't wait to visit San Pedro.

Many thanks for sharing, I always learn something new from your posts.

Can you recommend the best places for getting in shape in the San Pedro area?

With the great weather we have in the San Pedro area, you can stay fit all year. Take a look at this link with lots of suggestions for pampering yourself:

I'm trying to remember the name of a famous church that is located somewhere along the coast. Thank you.

You are no doubt thinking of Wayfarers Chapel. It is located at 5755 Palos Verdes Drive South. The chapel and grounds are open daily from8 a.m. to 5 p.m. and the Visitors Center is open from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. The chapel's website is at

Does the subway come to San Pedro?

Thanks for your question. No, unfortunately, the subway does not come to San Pedro. But we have the Metro Silver Line express service that provides fast connections to points along the Harbor Freeway, to Downtown, and to El Monte. Also, the Blue Line train runs from Long Beach to Downtown Los Angeles. There is an easy connection to the Blue Line from San Pedro on the Commuter Express line 142. You can find transit information for our area at

I've read about sharks being seen along the Pacific coast and want to know if the water around there is safe for swimming.

Yes, swimming is safe around Cabrillo Beach--and no one can recall the last local shark sighting. Understand, though, that Cabrillo Beach has two parts. The protected beach inside the breakwater is very calm. "Hurricane Gulch" outside the breakwater can be pretty challenging when the waves and wind kick up.

Is the Grand Grunion Gala open to the public?

Yes, the Grand Grunion Gala is open to the public. It will be held Saturday, April 22 at the Cabrillo Marine Aquarium. You can find out more information at

Comment puis-je trouver les meilleurs prix pour les hôtels à San Pedro? Et tous les hôtels de bonne qualité? Existe-t-il un système de notation?

Nous espérons néanmoins que cela vous aidera dans vos recherches. Vous pouvez trouver les meilleurs tarifs si vous utilisez notre site affilliated, Nous n'avons pas de système de notation ici, comme c'est le cas en Britian, par exemple. Mais vous pouvez être sûr de la qualité des hôtels où vous trouverez les membres de Visit San Pedro. Vous pouvez les trouver à l'adresse Nous nous réjouissons de vous accueillir à San Pedro.

I will be staying downtown at the Crowne Plaza Hotel. Are there pharmacies nearby?

There is a CVS pharmacy at the corner of 7th and Gaffey Streets and a Rite Aid Pharmacy at the corner of 5th Street and Gaffey Street. They are within walking distance of Downtown.

Do you publish photos from community networks?

We welcome photo submissions from the community and publish the best. The photos, of course, need to be related to San Pedro, the Harbor and Palos Verdes Peninsula communities, and Catalina Island. Submit them to

Hi. Are the galleries in San Pedro able to sell their art? Or are they only for display?

Yes, the galleries can sell the art they display. So you can usually buy any piece of art you see and like.

Will there be new installations for this First Thursday in the galleries?

Check for the latest information on new installations

Hi Dora. Thanks for visiting our website. You may also be interested in our Facebook page at

Su ciudad parece excisting e interesante. Gracias por la información.


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