Happy DIner Once You Have It ... You'll Love It!

Happy Diner three locations
And that's true. If you like food, you’ll love happy diner. As its slogan says, “Once you have it … you’ll love it" because it gives you what you want: quality food, prepared with great affection, good value, friendly people serving you. And choices. Big menus and Happy Diner has three great locations All the food you’ve come to expect from a diner, plus some great extras. You’ll find big breakfasts with your choice of sides, sandwiches, and full dinners. The newest location, Happy Deli, serves a more limited menu that focuses on what people want from a deli: good breakfasts, subs, salads. This family-owned business has grown in San Pedro because it offers good quality food, great service, and fair prices. Give it a try. You’ll Love it. Happy Diner 617 S. Centre Street, Downtown Happy Diner #2 1931 N. Gaffey, Northwest San Pedro Happy Deli 530 S. Gaffey Street www.HappyDinerSP.com Click here to contact us