A Master Artist from Croatia, Now in San Pedro

If you love beautiful paintings, you’ll really love Mario Mirkovich’s art. And you can learn from the master himself.

Mario was born in a small Dalmatian fishing village on the Croatian side of the Adriatic Sea and earned a degree in commercial art in Split, Croatia (which happens to be one of Los Angeles’ Sister Cities). Before arriving to the United States in 1967 he was employed as a commercial artist at the Narodni List, Croatia’s longest running weekly newspaper, a designer for product packaging, and as an art instructor. He became interested in oil painting shortly after his arrival to America, where he honed his skills by experimenting with various mediums, techniques and methods.

His current work is the result of an extensive and determined effort to continuously evolve as an artist. His involvement with various art organizations and exhibitions have led to an avid interest in his art in Southern California, with his paintings having been shown and purchased in a variety of locations both in the United States and abroad. Currently residing in San Pedro, California he continues to enjoy a successful career that includes painting and exhibiting his work as well as teaching and lecturing on art throughout the Los Angeles area. Both through his paintings, teaching and charitable works he has become a fixture in Southern California’s art community.

As an artist he has developed over the years, steadily creating work that represents the environment that surrounds him at his home in San Pedro. Inspired by memories of the fishing village from his youth, the paintings he creates are illuminating testaments to the power of natural beauty. Eschewing the clichés and avoiding the ruts associated with mimetic art that has progressively become his creative niche, he has succeeded in creating art that is not a mere copy of nature but a pensive expression of the ephemeral loveliness contained in the small amounts of undeveloped landscapes adjacent to urban areas that often go unnoticed by the people who live beside them.

And he offers art classes in his studio.

So buy the art, learn the art, or just enjoy the art. Mario is an artist whose talent bridges the seas.

Mario’s Art Gallery
2438 S. Western Avenue, Peninsula
310-548-9077, www.MarioMirkovichFineArt.com