Modified Operations Form for Affiliates

We have created a form for you to give us information about how you are modifying your operations during the COVID-19 pandemic, especially in light of the orders from the Governor and Mayor.

From the information you provide on this form, we will create a page on our website that lists our affiliates under categories, as we do in The Directory, and your listing will include the modifications to your operation that you tell us about. We will also be using this information in a social media series to publicize your services and how customers can still buy from you even with the quarantine in effect.

There are spaces on the form for you to include online ordering app addresses and phones for ordering. If you do not have a facility set up to accept credit or debit cards online, we can arrange this for you. The only cost is the processing fee we pay to the provider, which is usually about 2.75% of the total sale.

Some businesses are selling gift certificates online for future use, thus getting some cash flow in advance. If you are not familiar with the laws and regulations governing gift certificates and cards in California, please click here to read important information from the state Department of Consumer Affairs.


After you complete and submit the form, we will get the information published and make any arrangements for services you might list that you need.