Sacred Grounds Is San Pedro's Traditional Coffee House

Photo of Sacred Grounds front window
You'll smell the great roasting coffee scent a block away. That's because Sacred Grounds is the San Pedro coffee house that actually roasts its own fresh beans. And the roaster is right out on 6th Street where you can see the goodness going in and the magic coming out. Sacred Grounds is a real, traditional coffee house with an eclectic clientele and great choice of coffee drinks, pastries, sandwiches, and salads. There's entertainment, too. And it's a comfortable place to hang out--or to actually do some work. (Take a look at that person sitting across from you while you sip your wonderful coffee. Could be that's the next Great American Novel taking shape on the laptop!) Sacred Grounds is located right next to the entrance of The Warner Grand Theatre, in the same beautiful 1931 Art Deco palace that houses the theater. And Sacred Grounds is the official concessionaire for the theater. So you can enjoy all kinds of goodness when you attend a performance. It's also available for catering and is well-experienced at providing the kind of refreshments that will make your event a smash. Sacred Grounds 468 W. 6th Street, Downtown 310-514-0800/310-897-8303