Team San Pedro Volunteer Training Supplemental Information-I

Welcome to Team San Pedro
We are very pleased that you are interested in serving as a volunteer for Visit San Pedro-the San Pedro Convention & Visitors Bureau (SPCVB). Our organization and our volunteers are very visible within the community and we work to make San Pedro visible throughout the world.
Tourism—leisure visitors, meetings, conventions, reunions, and all kinds of travel—is the biggest part of the economy of the greater Los Angeles area. Visit San Pedro wants to ensure that San Pedro and the greater Harbor area get their share of visitors and events—and the economic benefits that accompany them.
A key objective of our organization is to encourage job creation by creating demand for tourism services. The more tourists who come here and the more events that are held here, the greater the need for all kinds of jobs to serve them, from entry-level through professional and in just about every type of business.
Our volunteers are critical to everything we do. They work directly with visitors and they work behind the scenes. Every SPCVB activity and operation involves volunteers. Indeed, there is only one SPCVB staff, whether paid employees or volunteers, serving our organization and community.
We have created this manual as a reference to our organization, our standards, and our community. The point of the manual is not to simply lay out rules and standards, although it does necessarily do that. Rather, the manual should be a tool that will help you, as a volunteer, be well-prepared and fully informed.
At the same time, the information in this manual is important and should be read carefully. The volunteers of the San Pedro Convention and Visitors Bureau are the best prepared, most efficient and effective in town. We have very high standards for our volunteers. Knowledge of the area, its history, attractions, and geography are critical to achieving and maintaining those standards. We strive to be the best and that requires preparation. We hope you will learn the contents of this manual, use it frequently, and find it useful.
Please remember that the leadership of SPCVB truly appreciates your commitment and service to this organization and your contributions in making visitors to the communities of the greater Los Angeles Harbor area feel welcome and comfortable.
As we all work together we will see the results in more visitors, more meetings, more jobs, and more community improvement.

Welcome to the team.

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