What It Means to Be a California Classic Coastal Town

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Come visit us in San Pedro, California! California is known for being a trend setter, having beautiful beaches and sunsets, skiing in the mountains and surfing on the ocean in one day, Hollywood, the studios, beautiful people, and so much more. Before there was the California we know, there was San Pedro. It's the classic waterfront California town. It started as a rough-hewn port town with a hard-driven reputation. But it's really always been a town of hard-working people striving to make a better life for themselves and their children. You'll see that history when you visit. All along the LA Waterfront, John S. Gibson, Jr. Park (named for a long-time Los Angeles City Council member from San Pedro) displays monuments and memorials to the people who made San Pedro. The Longshoremen, the Sailors, the Merchant Mariners. And it's a town that appreciates heritage. Whether it's the huge array of restored classic cars, the SS Lane Victory ship, the houses that still stand from the 1800s...it's all part of what makes San Pedro a classic. You'll find classic dining--along with a lot of innovative cooking--at the growing list of restaurants. You can experience a classic dive bar at Godmother's Saloon. And we've got classic service. Everyone in San Pedro appreciates visitors. You'll experience it when you visit and stay at one of our recommended hotels and dine in our Best Restaurants. Come see what classic is. Come see San Pedro. So much to see and do A variety of fine hotel choices Outstanding dining Great recreational opportunities Mariners welcome Close to all of Southern California Take a look at these picture perfect photo spots Be sure to download our Visitor Guide