American Merchant Marine Memorial

American Merchant Marine Memorial

San Pedro is proud to be the home of the American Merchant Marine Memorial, located along the LA Waterfront at 6th St., which was dedicated in 1989 and was the first Merchant Marine Memorial in the United States.

The Merchant Marine is a fleet of vessels that carry imports and exports during peacetime and are mobilized as a Naval auxiliary during wartime to carry troops and materiel. It was the Merchant Marine that bravely sailed on through the North Atlantic during World War II, dodging German U Boats submarines with many being sunk. It was only through the delivery of essential supplies by the Merchant Marine that Europe was able to sustain during the earliest days of the war. One in 26 merchant mariners (nearly 4%) died during the second World War, the highest percentage of any of the services.

And the Merchant Marine has been instrumental in every U.S. conflict since its founding.

The vision for the Memorial was from the American Merchant Mariners who bravely served their country during times of conflict. These mariners formed the American Merchant Marine Veterans Memorial Committee which designed, constructed, funded, and today maintain the Memorial.

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And San Pedro is also home to a living Merchant Marine memorial, the SS Lane Victory, an operating Victory ship that sailed from World War II until Vietnam