Online Safety

Your online safety is important to us.

We do our best to ensure that this website does not contain dangerous software, also known as malware. We regularly run antivirus scans of our website and the computers that are used to contribute to its content.

We monitor the reports generated by our content management system to identify any problems that might arise in its operation. We ban the IP addresses of anyone who tries to circumvent our website systems or use them in ways that violate our terms of use.

In sum, we work regularly to help ensure your safety in the use of our website.

But we believe you as a user have a responsibility to ensure your own and others' safety in your use of the internet.

You should have antivirus software on your computer that monitors sites you visit and files you download. You can get such software free of charge.

You need to be careful about the sites you visit on the web. Pay attention to warnings from your browser about sites that might not be secure or might contain malware.

Here are some resources about online safety that you might find useful: