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Visit San Pedro offers training opportunities throughout the year.

Its Team San Pedro volunteer training takes place several times a year, usually on the second Saturday of the month at the San Pedro Visitor Center, 225 W. 6th Street, Downtown.

Participants learn about the organization and its structure, how San Pedro is marketed worldwide, how to interact with visitors, and resources available to make visits more interesting and enjoyable.

Visit San Pedro also offers Alcohol Server Training several times per year. The training provides the basic knowledge needed by Level 1 (catering and special events servers) and Level 2 (professional servers) to ensure safe provision of alcohol.

The program includes all information recommended by the California Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control , including understanding laws and regulations regarding alcoholic beverage service and how they are enforced.

The training gives special emphasis to avoiding service to minors and obviously intoxicated individuals. In addition, it provides practical information on dealing with intoxicated patrons and the role of servers in preventing societal problems related to alcohol, including driving under the influence.

We strongly support the California ABC and law enforcement efforts to stop minors from possessing or consuming alcohol and from serving obviously intoxicated patrons. We also want to help our Sponsors, Partners, and other businesses that serve or sell alcohol to ensure that they are in full compliance with all applicable local and state laws and regulations. Moreover, we support the California ABC "Model House" guidelines to help ensure excellence and good community relations for all businesses that serve or sell alcohol.

Other training programs are offered as the need or interest arises.

All training programs offered by Visit San Pedro are research-based and incorporate proven best practices into the content.

Visit San Pedro can also develop and present custom training programs related to hospitality and tourism.

Our parent, the Southern California Education, Tourism & Cultural Organization, offers a range of custom training programs. For information, visit

Call us for more information at 310-729-9828