SS Lane Victory Is Living History on the LA Waterfront

SS Lane Victory is a World War II era steam ship on the LA Waterfront

She was born on the LA Waterfront and today she’s a great part of its history, the SS Lane Victory, a Victory class ship that was built in 1945 in San Pedro. The ship served in World War II, Korean, and Vietnam and as a national merchant carrier during the inter-war periods.

Today she’s preserved at the Outer Harbor and open for tours with an informative and moving museum.

Visitors see both the life and workings of the cargo side of the vessel, as well as the armed Navy guard who were responsible for protecting the ship from all kinds of threats—not the least of which were the German U Boats that had sunk so many tons of ships.

And Lane Victory, named in honor of the historically-Black Lane College, had heroics of her own in Korea as she evacuated thousands of refugees and also military personnel and equipment.

SS Lane Victory at night
The ship also serves as a memorial to the members of the United States Merchant Marine. The Merchant Marine suffered more casualties on a per capita basis than any other part of the U.S. services.

SS Lane Victory and bird on its lines
SS Lane Victory
Berth 46, Outer Harbor, LA Waterfront
(follow Harbor Blvd. past 22nd Street, where it becomes Miner Street. Lane Victory is at the end of the street around the traffic circle)

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